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Workshop Ikebana

At Zen.nl Veldhoven we regularly organize workshops that fit in with our meditation practice and add something extra to it.

This Autumn, you can join us for a workshop Ikebana, 'meditation in action with flowers' as you might call it.

Ikebana is the art of arranging natural flowers, twigs, and branches into a composition that highlights their beauty. This ancient form of art affords inner peace to those who practice it, in addition to purifying the environment and creating an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and beauty.
Ikebana is a simple form of art that anybody can learn, for it doesn't depend on talent, financial status, and technical complexity. The Ikebana technique makes it possible to use flower arrangements to beautify anywhere there are people.

The workshop will be held on Saturday 30 November, from 13.30 - 15.30 hrs. It is set up and timed so that you may get some original ideas for your decorations for the festive December season. We will be practising with actual flower arrangements.

The workshop is given by Mari Osses de Oliveira. She comes from Brazil and has been living in the Netherlands since 2015. She has been practising ikebana for a number of years and also zen meditation.

Location: Zendo Zen.nl Veldhoven, Provincialeweg 80d, Veldhoven
The maximum number of participants is 10.
Contribution is € 35,-, which includes materials, and coffee, tea and fruit.
For Zen.nl members, the contribution is € 27,50.

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