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Non-duality and work: a talk by Rients Ritskes

Rients Ritskes Thursday 31 January, Rients will give a talk on Non-duality in everyday life, in Eindhoven. The theme for this evening is non-duality and work.

The event takes place from 7.30 - 9.00 pm in the 'Zaal van Piet Hein Eek' (Piet Hein Eek's Room), Halvemaanstraat 30, Eindhoven.
Doors open at 7 pm, there will be coffee and tea. Afterwards there is room for a chat and a drink in the Restaurant downstairs.

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What does non-duality mean?

Non-duality is about developing a different perspective, enabling us to feel more at one with our surroundings. More and more, thinking in extremes and opposites seems to become the standard way of things around us. This is very clear in politics, but isolation also often shows up in our daily life. Stress, loneliness, depression, ADHD and many other psychosomatic symptoms are the result of this.

In Rients' talks on the topic of non-duality, the key question is how, in this divided world, we can still deal harmoniously with the challenges that confront us. How we can feel sufficiently calm and confident, despite hectic, challenging circumstances. And how we can share these essential skills with family, friends and colleagues. More insight into non-duality means more insight into the art of living.

This talk in Eindhoven is the first in English, and part of a series of talks Rients has given following the publication of the book 'Non-dualiteit in de praktijk. Gesprekken op de grens van het denken', by Rients Ritskes and Arthur Nieuwendijk.
Rients is zenmaster and founder of Zen.nl, a zen meditation training group with over 40 locations in the Netherlands.

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