Omdat aandacht werkt

Omdat aandacht werkt


English zen courses

We offer the possibility to attend either an individual or a semi-individual zen course in English.

Individual zen course

This course is very suitable for English-speaking people who prefer a more personal approach through a face to face situation.

As such, this course is very efficient and intensive. It consists of two to three two-hour sessions and will be concluded with a one hour's assessment.

Semi-individual zen course

This course is a short version of the regular weekly introduction course. The size of the group is at least 2 and 5 persons to the utmost. Because of this, its individual approach remains and thus there is plenty of space for personal input.

Date and time can be planned in consultation. This compact and intensive course consists of three two-hour sessions and will be concluded with a one hour's assessment, the idea being that there will be a meeting every fortnight. The whole project takes up to three months in total. The price depends on the number of participants. There are two possibilities:

  1. You start by arranging your own group for this course (through friends, family or colleagues).
  2. You sign up to the mailing list. As soon as there are more than two participants we will notify you to plan our first meeting.

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