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Zen.nl Eindhoven meditation training in English

Zen.nl Eindhoven provides zen meditation training to everyone interested in an active, energetic and relaxed way of life. Zen.nl's training methods are well-established and have proven to be effective, practical and inspiring.

Zen meditation

Zen means concentration. Zen meditation is a way to train your awareness and focus and it brings greater quality to everything you do and experience. It enables you to remain balanced, energetic and creative in an active life, and in a culture that may not be your own. Zen meditation is to your mind what sports is to your body.

The Zen tradition originated in China about 1500 years ago and developed further in Japan over the last 800 years. Its practical, down-to-earth philosophy and training technique found its way to the West in the last century. Zen meditation is practiced by managers and mothers, doctors and fathers, artists and athletes, professionals and students alike. It helps them to function and sleep better, and to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.


Zen.nl Eindhoven offers meditation training and zencoaching in English for individuals and groups. Workshops and courses at introductory and advanced level are organised regularly throughout the year.


Free Trail course: 15 September 18.00 hrs
Free Trail course: 22 September 18.00 hrs
Introduction Course Wednesday 18.00–19.30, start 29th September
Continuation course Wednesday 20.00-21.45, theme: The power of Chowa (welcome to join anytime)
I would like to participate in a trial class. Please keep me informed of future trial classes.


Regular € 59,- per month
Student€ 39,- per month (for full-time students)
Business € 79,- per month (including VAT and invoice)

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Click here to view a YouTube video on the meditation course in English.